ICC’s Power Solutions provide robust power systems to the utilities industry. We are the main contractors for reliable systems and offer a complete range of world-class power solutions.


ICC Power Solutions provides as well complete support throughout the whole project life cycle, from specification preparation (front end engineering and design), product delivery and installation, to testing, commissioning, after-sales service and maintenance.



ICC provides engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning services for complete stand-by power plants including:
1. Synchronization system
2 .Load sharing and shedding system
3. Fuel System




Underground Cables

ICC provides Topographical and geotechnical surveys, civil works, procurement, installation, and testing & commissioning services for Underground Cables up to 220 KV.

ICC has professional experience in cable jointing and termination at different voltages and for various cable types.


Overhead Lines

ICC provides Topographical and geotechnical surveys, engineering, procurement, construction, and testing & commissioning services for Overhead Transmission Lines up to 400 kV.

The construction works consists of civil works for foundations, earthing, erection of towers, installation of insulator strings, fittings  and accessories, as well as stringing of conductors, static wires and OPGW cables.




ICC performs survey, engineering, procurement, civil works, installation, and testing & commissioning services for complete MV and LV Underground /Overhead distribution system including  distribution Substations and  Metering systems  for villages, cities, as well as  residential, commercial & industrial areas.



ICC provides Topographical and Geotechnical surveys, Engineering, Procurement, Electromechanical and Civil Works, Installation and Testing & commissioning for GIS and Conventional substations up to 220 kV including control and protection systems.